What is this?

elasticsearch-head is a web front end for browsing and interacting with an Elastic Search cluster.

elasticsearch-head is hosted and can be downloaded or forked at github

contact me via github or on twitter @mobz

Installing and Running

There are two ways of running and installing elasticsearch-head

Running as a plugin of ElasticSearch (this is the preferred method)

  1. elasticsearch/bin/plugin -install mobz/elasticsearch-head
  2. open http://localhost:9200/_plugin/head/

Running as a standalone webapp

  1. git clone git://github.com/mobz/elasticsearch-head.git
  2. Open index.html in a browser. A modern browser is required to use es-head
  3. By default es-head will immediately attempt to connect to a cluster node at http://localhost:9200/.
    Enter a different node address in the connect box and click 'Connect' if required.

General Utility

es-head has a three major operations.

es-head will attempt to remember the node that it connects to using html5 features, however this only works over http(s).
If you would like to create a link to a particular cluster use the url form .../elasticsearch-head/index.html?base_uri=http://cluster.example.com:9200/

Screenshot time!

Screenshot of elasticsearch-head showing the cluster overview Screenshot of elasticsearch-head showing the structured query Screenshot of elasticsearch-head showing the browser Screenshot of elasticsearch-head showing the node stats page